About Amaron®

Technology & Innovation, State of the Art manufacturing and collaboration with the world’s largest battery manufacturer Johnson Controls has allowed the AMARON® brand to fast become a global leader in the ultra competitive battery market.

AMARON® batteries have forged a strong name in Australia due to their incredible value and outstanding quality and reliability on Australia’s rough roads and harsh climatic conditions. AMARON® manufacture a range of batteries to suit most Automotive, Industrial and Commercial applications.

Striking the ultimate balance between quality and value, AMARON® has forged a strong reputation for ultra long service life under the toughest of conditions. AMARON® batteries offer excellent value for money due to significantly increased service life and can be stored safely without detrimental loss of charge up to 3 months after charging, making AMARON® the perfect battery for those which see only seasonal or occasional use of their vehicle.

Made in India to suit the harsh and demanding native environment, each battery features a rugged design and patented technology which combine to deliver performance at the price which is only a small premium over that of conventional flooded type alternatives.

AMARON® Lasts Long, Really Long and provides the ultimate balance between cost and performance. Featuring a clean flush top design, higher CCA ratings, good AMP hour capacities, higher RC ratings and advanced features including advanced electrolytic paste and patented Silver X plate technology and Zero Maintence.

Amaron® batteries are designed for use in Automotive, 4WD and Marine applications including many Domestic, Japanese, European and Korean Vehicles.

Like sister company Varta, also in the Johnson Controls group of companies, AMARON® batteries are designed to meet the exacting standards demanded by the OEM and provide like for like replacement options particularly for vehicles (BMW, AUDI, Mercedees Benz, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, Volvo and many more) which are imported from Europe and Asia.