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Awesome battery! Running duals in my 4×4 for the last 7years. Best batteries!

Last one lasted 8yrs on 75 series landcruiser. Brilliant!

My Beamer and I are enjoying this amazing new Amaron Battery… Cheers!!!

Best battery and the only one we trust in our race car and support vehicles!

Best battery ever! Green LASTS LONG. REALLY LONG!

Mu local battery supplier talked me into putting one in our MUX. He said you won;t get any better. That’s what he uses!

Had to get a new battery for my car as the old battery was no good. Went for an AMARON – spend the extra money, it’s worth it.

I’ve had 2 dark green AMARON batteries with “Silver and Calcium” on the label. They both bounced from utes to boats to a slide on a camper. 1 lasted 12 years, the other, 8 years.

Used in my drift car NIW for close to 10 years. Same battery – Flawless. Due for a couple more soon for ATV and fresh one for drift bus. No other battery has come close in performance.

I can vouch for Amaron batteries. Definitely good. My mate had one in his boat – was 3 years old already and a cyclone came along and sank the boat (saltwater). Charge it up and the battery went well.