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Amaron products are one of the best on the market if not ‘the best’ and defiantly the best quality/price range than any other battery on the market, you really do get a quality battery for a competitive price. Amaron’s Cold Cranking Amps (CCAs) are unmatched on all other batteries I have tested, for example, the 125D31 OR N70ZZ rated for 775CCA tests a huge 1065CCA on my battery tester, a competitor’s battery that is rated to 810cca only tests to 860cca on the same tester!

Todd - Logan

On average an Amaron battery can last 5 or 6 years in a diesel 4WD, whereas others might only last 3 or 4 in the same application. This is why warranties have never been an issue and our customers keep coming back. Amaron is truly a ‘Dual-Purpose’ Battery, meaning it will start and cycle like a marine battery only better. For this reason, the Amaron Battery performs well in 4WDs, trucks, and boats

Brian - Sunshine Coast

Been in the battery industry for over 24 years, I can honestly say that in my view, there is almost NO BETTER battery than the Amaron Battery. It is truly a performer, a battery that lives up to its motto, “Lasts Long, Really Long”.

Tony - Brisbane

“Along with quality products we love dealing with suppliers who also support us with the supply of these goods.
We have been selling Amaron Batteries for over 3 years now and customers come in and ask for one of those Green batteries that last for a long time.
I can honestly say that these Batteries are the best around there is”

Lindsay - Dalby

“We have sold Amaron since 2009, these batteries are the best batteries we have ever sold…
We have very low claims on these units due to their durability and long lasting lives…We have customers who come from far away who will drive for hours to buy these batteries because of their reputation”

Brent - Chinchilla

“we have chosen to sell Amaron because they simply sell themselves. We can be confident to sell Amaron Car Batteries for reliability, strength and performance…I highly recommend as nothing comes even close to AMARON”

Cam - Kingaroy

“One of the most responsible corporations I came across enviromentally and from a HR point of view. The products are really top-notch”

Andrew S, Brisbane

“I have known Michael professionally for 15 years. He is very dedicated, organised, and a fabulous communicator. 5 stars!”

Cori D.

My old battery lasted 8 years and only went ’cause I left the lights on one too many times. Replace with some new green yesterday! The great service was also great.

Andrew M

I have experience using Amaron batteries in my 4WD, in friends’ trucks and also in my race cars. If you want a batty for high/frequent cranking applications, then you can’t an Amaron on value for money.

Troy E

With great service and robust battery, we will definitely be converting our fleet of cars, trucks and forklifts to Amaron. Hopefully we can even do our motorcycles!

Robert H

“My Dad always used these. I have one now. The one in my tractor is 9 years old and is still as strong as the day Dad got it. These are the only batteries to buy!”

Chris H

“The world’s number 1 quality Amaron.”

Ắcquy Duy P

“The amaron batteries in my BT50 are now 5 years old and still as good as the day I put them in.”

Ray L

“I have been using [Amaron] for over 10 years now. I don’t use anything else in all vehicles.”

Ian J

“I have had my Amaron battery in my Toyota Prado since 16/03/16. It still has 70% battery life. It has been 100% reliable. Had a great chat with Michael to try and source another one in WA.”

Nicholas W

“As an Auto Electrician I have seen quite a few of thse batteries last over 10 years.”

Sam W

“These are awesome batteries. I’m using one that was made in 2013 and still going.”

Fiona H

“These are well worth every cent. Some testing I’ve seen on these in store is just mind blowing.”

Kris E

“I have one in my Cruiser; been there for 5 years or so. Been drained dead flat a couple of times, recharged and still going strong… Best battery I’ve seen in a long time.”

Bone T, Syndey NSW

“Had these batteries – was still going strong after 7 years.”

Matthew D, Sydney NSW

“I have had the same Amaron battery in my vehicle for 8 years of heavy use without hassle.”

Gareth M